Hi there, this is Qian. I am a Ph.D. student in Human-computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Prof. John Zimmerman and Prof. Aaron Steinfeld. I design machine-learning-powered user experience (UX) for multiple real-world, high-consequence applications: from data-driven clinical decision support systems to context-aware mobile services, to autonomous cars. Reflecting on this related vein of practice and research, I develop toolkit for UX practitioners to better ideate feasible, meaningful and creative AI-enhanced user experiences.
Before CMU, I worked in design consultancy and in the industry (2007-2014). I hold B.Eng in Industrial Design and M.Des in Design Research from Shanghai Jiaotong University.
Off-work, I love eye candies (photography, European painting and sculpture, east Asian design and calligraphy, fashion, etc.) and great stories (movies, documentaries and history books). In my works, I bring some of my romanticism and sensitivities into hardcore technologies.
CV (last updated on Nov2016)
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